[tig] Daddy's Boy (HDcam to 35mm 2.35)

Steve Shaw digital.praxis
Sun Nov 30 14:25:45 GMT 2003

Hi Marc,

> Steve, on the HD projects I've worked on, the DP's sometimes used the "-3
> dB" gain switch on the Panavision or Sony 24P camera to decrease
> sensitivity.  This helped reduce depth-of-field even further, and get them
> closer to imitating a more film-like look.  For a lot of reasons, I think
> this is preferable to using an ND filter.

I have tried this but I don't like the increased blacklevel noise it
With filters I can also set the attenuation to a level I require, not a
factory setting.

> Any proper editing/conforming system should be able to handle time-of-day
> timecode.  It's not that big a deal, once you set it up and have some
> handles before and after each clip.  One key is to make sure the
> system can handle reel numbers (to differentiate identical timecodes shot
> different days), and the other is to make sure they give you at least 20
> seconds of pre- and post-roll, before and after each take.
> I agree, though, that conforming is the biggest potential for disaster on
> projects like this.

Exactly! However, as always the editor/director wanted to use a clip within
a couple of frames of start... bummer.
And, they just had to shoot multiple days on one tape!!! This was a short
Other than that, it worked exactly as you say - except that we had to
re-edit within the iQ because of the audio problems!


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