[tig] Once upon a time in REC709...

Christopher Noellert chris
Tue Nov 4 08:07:14 GMT 2003

With all the conversation about DI, I have to chime in about something that
bothers me oh so much more.  I went and saw "Once upon a time in Mexico"
this weekend not knowing it was shot on HDCAM.  5 minutes into the show I
couldn't figure out why everything felt so strange and looked so damn bad.
Then I realized that it was shot on video and struggled the rest of the show
with the look and feel.

The final shootout felt like a school project, and there were digital
dropouts from the camera that no one bothered to fix.  It felt like I was
watching the videotap.  It was a joke.  At the end of the show I wanted my
money back.  The grading was alright in some places and horrible at others.
Overall the experience became a analysis of shooting digitally instead of
"going to the movies."  My apologies to anyone here who may have worked on
the show but it just felt so strange and un-right to see - I was cringing in
my chair.

Anyone else made it through it or have any thoughts?  Are we so completely
brainwashed that a trip to the movies means film?


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