[tig] Once upon a time in REC709...

Erik Hansen erik
Tue Nov 4 23:24:12 GMT 2003

I'm just a lowly broadcast designer/editor looking to make the transition
to (junior, intern, etc...) colorist over the next year...  But in the
print that I saw there were several scenes near the end (one in particular
looking up a spiral staircase) that looked very much like video,  and
probably all the flames/fire/explosions were blown out - no detail at all.

Johnny Depp more or less made up for it, though.


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> Christopher Noellert wrote:
>> With all the conversation about DI, I have to chime in about something
> that
>> bothers me oh so much more.  I went and saw "Once upon a time in
>> this weekend not knowing it was shot on HDCAM.  5 minutes into the show I
>> couldn't figure out why everything felt so strange and looked so damn bad.
>> Then I realized that it was shot on video and struggled the rest of the
> show
>> with the look and feel.
> I just got back from a two hour lunch with the cinematographer who shot
> film.  He's a good friend of mine.  He was quite surprised to hear what you
> are saying.  He did say that of the 6000 or so prints made, the ones
> on
> Premier stock look substantially better than the rest.  Not sure if
> what you are talking about or not.
> His comment regarding digital artifacts was that, he knows what to look for
> and he couldn't find any in the prints he's seen.
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