[tig] Once upon a time in REC709...

Marc Wielage mfw
Wed Nov 5 01:19:11 GMT 2003

On 11/4/03 2:48 PM, "Martin Euredjian" <ecinema at pacbell.net> commented on
the TIG list:

> I just got back from a two hour lunch with the cinematographer who shot that
> film.  He's a good friend of mine.

Gee, IMDB says that none other than Robert Rodriguez himself was the
cinematographer on MEXICO.  (He also did the same chores on the last two SPY
KIDS films.)

Maybe you're thinking of DESPERADO, where the cinematographer was Guillermo
Navarro.  (Navarro also did the original SPY KIDS.)

My understanding, by the way, is that the color-correction for MEXICO was
done over at Post-Logic in Hollywood, but the film-outs were done on the
ArriLasers over at eFilm.  I haven't seen the film, so I can't say for sure
one way or the other, but it did get generally good reviews for both the
content and the photography, at least in the mainstream press.

--Marc Wielage
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