[tig] Re: motion reference question

mhafner at imdb.com mhafner
Fri Nov 7 07:59:13 GMT 2003

> 	I thought one of the reasons to let the DVD player PUT IN the 3/2 and 
> only encode 24 frames was a 20%? compression saving.  Less frames 
> equals better frames at the same data rate.

That is correct. Coding the pulldown into the disc is wasteful. Another
reason to leave the formatting to the player. One would assume that
the DVD forum does not want to fall back behind the DVD standard in this
regard. What I hope is they go beyond DVD and do not assume interlaced displays
and prefilter the pictures on the discs. I also wish they were no color
subsampling and it were 10 bit, but that won't happen.
Michel Hafner

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