[tig] motion reference question

Adrian Thomas adrian
Fri Nov 7 10:00:17 GMT 2003

> We always dubbed NTSC never twice the same colour - it seems with HD 
> we have never twice the same frame
> rate!

And it was all looking so positive with 24P...

> Is it April 1st already?
> Maybe they think that making it field based once again they can 
> shuffle the digital blocks and banding
> around quicker in the hope that nobody will notice : )

To my mind, even CONTEMPLATING an interlaced future at this point is 
insane. Granted, there's a hell of a lot of interlaced content still 
being shot, and an enormous amount of archive - but if you wander down 
Tottenham Court Road and look at all the new TV display technologies 
that people seem to be happy with, NONE of them can display interlaced 
pictures properly except good old fashioned CRTs. So the DVD forum want 
to 'lock in' interlaced pictures for ever diminishing number of viewers 
of CRT displays? And in HD too? It doesn't seem to make much sense NOW, 
let alone at some future point in time when we're all watching TVs with 
Plasma, LCD, CG Silicon or LEP displays.

> It's all fascinating though and a fantastic industry to work in. I'm 
> so glad I don't sell paperclips!

I know what you mean - my girlfriend works in HR for the NHS, and 
hearing her daily accounts of office life there are enough to sober me 
up every time I'm feeling underappreciated

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