[tig] Is the website down ? (Screen sizes)

Rob Lingelbach rob
Mon Nov 10 21:01:04 GMT 2003

On Mon, Nov 10, 2003 at 09:14:30PM +0100, Sebastian Sylwan wrote:
> I cannot seem to reach the website tig.colorist.org. Is it down or is it 
> just me ?

it was down from about 2300 UTC Sunday to about 1800 UTC

If anyone is curious about why, and what I had to do to
arrange it to come back up, contact me privately, I don?t
want to put that information out to the public.  I can say
that I had to spend a few hours on the telephone with Los
Angeles, and from Brasil that can be quite expensive, so
more thanks are due to the sponsors of this group.


Rob Lingelbach
tig founder, unix system administrator

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