[tig] Dual transfer

Geoff Wheeler wwerks
Mon Nov 10 21:25:08 GMT 2003

Randy wrote:

>  Hello Geoff,
>  What is your HD record machine?

Sony HDW-F500, which also provides our down-convert (letter-boxed 525).

>What version of Keylink do you operate?


>...One thing to remember, though: the Keylink is not likely to introduce the errors, but far more likely to find them and display them for you to trace.

Man, you can't prove that by us.  This software is so ill-behaved and
bad at heap management that warm boots are common, and cold starts need
to be done at least once a day.  The machines it runs on are so loaded
up with hardware it's no wonder things get a bit crowded in RAMland.  I
realize the task of coding this stuff is a nightmare, but come _on_.
Then there's the question of list management.  Info gets stashed that
bears little resemblance to what's been entered, arbitrarily renamed
takes, sound roll info not coming across, etc.  Since part of our
deliverable is an ALE file, and the encoded dailies depend on this as
well, these sorts of errors do not make for a happy editorial staff.  We
had to post-sync a take 'cuz an insert didn't work, and ended up putting
audio on the wrong take due to a mangled list.  We caught it in time to
fix the stuff for the production company, but a DVCAM went out to LA to
make a DVD for the suits.  Not good.

As for finding errors, it may do that very well, but I'm just not
familiar enough with the vernacular to know what the heck it's telling
me.  Peace at last, indeed.

I'm happy to know you find it so useful, as that gives me hope of having
success with this project.  But, as you might guess, I'm a bit
frustrated with it and we need it to get a bit smoother quickly or this
job is gonna walk.

>Randy Coonfield

Geoff Wheeler

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