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Bill Hogan billhogan1
Tue Nov 11 10:38:29 GMT 2003

Adrian Thomas wrote:
"All the films that I've watched on the Odeon's digital screen
a Leicester Sq suffered from the same absence of shadow detail"..............
Incidentally, anyone know which system it is that they use?"
All projectors out there are based on the DLP Imaging Engine
from TI.  ALL DLP projectors will not have black performance that looks like film.  It will not go as
black.  In other words the blacks are on the "GRAY" side.  But Most films that are released do not have
as good a blacks as they could have because the Studios are TOO CHEAP to spend a few dollars more to use
Vision Premier instead of just Vision print stock.

All the present projectors from Barco, Christie or Digital Projection have the same Imaging engine.  This
is known as the M15 Imaging Head.  The new projector with more horizontal resolution and higher contrast
(better blacks) is  based on the M25 imaging head.  The results are considerable better for both
resolution and blacks.

The full European list of DLP Projectors is at:

The TI Cinema DLP site is at:

Bill Hogan

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