[tig] reunion of the Gross Product after 34 years

Robert Lund robert.lund
Tue Nov 11 13:22:33 GMT 2003

Rob Lingelbach wrote:

>The Gross Product will be forming again over Christmas 2003
>for the first time in 34 or 35 years, in a basement in
>Huntington Station, Long Island, with the original
>musicians, Jim Uhl, Roy Nydorf, and Rob Lingelbach, ready
>to unearth and expunge the gritty stones-based R&B they
>never later found a better vehicle for.  
>If anyone has contact with Neal Gebhardt somewhere in
>Minnesota or Wisconsin as a lawyer, please forward this
>message to him, thanks.  We can do it without him but.. he
>was our jagger.
Wow! Stones without Jagger - maybe The GP can be a great karaoke band?

If you think you might wanna play a gig in a NYC club for fun, let me 
know - I can probably set something up. Can't guarantee lots of ca$h 
(but you probably know all about that deal).


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