[tig] TIG news, reminders.

Rob Lingelbach rob
Mon Nov 17 17:44:46 GMT 2003

once in a while it serves us well to remember a few things
about the TIG purpose and motive.  

HELP for newcomers

No question is too simple, too elementary, for those who
would like to get information they need.  The discussion
here can take a high level sometimes and this needn?t be
indicative of a lack of respect or willingness to answer
questions or provide answers for people who are just getting
started in telecine or who don?t yet have the knowledge that
the more experienced engineers and colorists have.  We were
all once beginners and remember those who helped us.  If
there is a reluctance among novice tig subscibers to ask
seemingly simple questions, I would be happy to repost these
questions if they are directed privately to me, because I
can understand how a certain timidity can arise from making
public the poster?s professional affiliation.


The basic rules, such as they are for the tig mailinglist,
are at http://tig.colorist.org/twiki/bin/view/Main/TigEthics
but I will also include them at the bottom of this message.


Contributions to cover the cost of running and maintaining
the tig are most welcome and can be made via the interface
at http://tig.alegria.com, the "make a donation" button near
the bottom.  The host on which all of this runs is at a
university in California and the right to have it there is
paid for by administration work done by me, which amounts to
a few hours per day, compensation for which comes via
contributions.  Thanks go to those who have contributed in
the past.

blind addresses:

I provide for those who would like to post situation
available or related advertisements, a sort of blind
remailer, with addresses at colorist.org, for example if
one?s current employer would not appreciate knowing the
identity of someone who is looking for a change of job.
Contact rob at colorist.org


We are working on coordinating the Tweaker and Lifetime
Achievement Awards, formerly presented by Options Intl. at
the Fun Night at NAB, the nominations and voting for these
awards will take place on the TIG soon.  The actual
presentation of them and the party itself is currently in

RULES details

and here are the ethical concepts guiding our mailinglist,
pretty simple:

Posting Ethics 

the 3 Telecine Internet Group rules: 

No personal abuse 
No blatant advertising or marketing on the main TIG mailinglist 
No multiple-question "surveys" of subscribers without permission 

How to use the TIG for marketing purposes? 

There exists since 1996 an auxiliary, 'commercial' version
of the TIG mailinglist, for advertisements of help
wanted/positions desired, product news from manufacturers,
and equipment for sale. This mailinglist is known as the
'tig-announce' list and postings can be sent to
tig-announce at tig.colorist.org.. This is a digested form of
mailinglist and is published every few days. Generally there
are not more than two digests per week, and many weeks there
are none. Posting participants are asked to contribute to
the Telecine Internet Group; details above. Inquiries to
tig-admin at colorist.org  (this address mails to Dave Tosh and
Rob Lingelbach, the current administrators).

Rob Lingelbach
tig founder, unix system administrator

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