[tig] When did Capcoding appear?

Richardson, Ian ian.richardson
Sun Nov 16 22:41:48 GMT 2003

Hi All, We have the same annoying 'film virus' for our viewing 
displeasure DownUnder....
If the Latest Matrix movie I saw yesterday was a bit more entertaining I 
probably would
not have noticed the 'red dot attack'.

Ian Richardson
AAV Digital Pictures
Sydney, Australia
Wallabies rule, for the Rugby World Cup

Richard Torpey wrote:

>thanks to Pandora (Aine Marsland) for supporting
>the TIG.
>Apparently what we're seeing is another type of coding that is more
>intrusive than the original CAP coding
>There was a discussion recently on the CML where John Pytlak of Kodak
>explained a bit about Kodak's involvement in encoding films:
>I don't know who is putting this coding in but it certainly is eye catching
>at times - not what you want for "invisible water marking".
>Rich Torpey
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>Subject: [tig] When did Capcoding appear?
>I just saw "Elf" in Atlanta which also had this capcoding red dot annoyance.
>  It is the first I have seen it.  What is the news?  It was definitely not 
>a laser gun or camcorder but a random seeming group of small red round dots.
>  Yuck!
>Dave Pickett
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