[tig] Total seperaton from Cintel

peter swinson peter_swinson
Mon Nov 17 22:57:13 GMT 2003

As many of you may know, between 12 May & 12 November I have been on garden
leave from Cintel, in other words my activities were limited by Cintel. 
As of 12 November 2003 I am a free agent.
I can now concentrate on consulting in an unbiased way within our industry.

If I can be of any assistance in matters concerning Film Scanning; be it
Data or Video, for TV,  Digital Intermediate, Digital Cinema,  Archive
Mastering  or other purposes, please contact me.
I am also considering technical writing, including articles, jounal papers,
technical procedures and equipment  manuals.
In the next few weeks I will be setting up as a consulting company, and
joining the ever growing group of individuals, no longer tied to commercial
companies, who have experience to offer. 
As most of you know my background covers (from my previous employers) :-
Film Scanning, every aspect you can think of ! (Rank Cintel, & latterly
Cintel International UK) (1982 - 2003)
Motion Picture Film Lab printing, grading & processing. (Bell & Howell)
representing, BHP, Hazeltine,  Photomec , FilmLine, Lipsner Smith, now RTI
and many other lab suppliers 1973 -1982
Electronic design, mainly analog, probably a bit rusty by today's standards
( Marconi Instruments UK) 1968 - 1972

My contact details are now

Peter Swinson
114 Cambridge Road
St Albans
Herts AL1 5LG

Tel (UK) (0)1727 830468
Mobile (UK)  0781 084 7436 

email        peter_swinson at compuserve.com 
(for those of you that have Bill Gates software that automatically draws an
obscuring underline below email addresses, please note that there is an
underscore character between the words peter & swinson.  

Peter Swinson

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