[tig] SAN's Not OT

Andreas Wider√łe Andersen andreas
Tue Nov 18 08:32:41 GMT 2003

At 22:40 11/17/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>        8 IBM 120GXP 120G 7200 rpm  ATA100 drives
>         1 3Ware 7550 8 port 64bit PCI RAID controller (www.3ware.com)
>         1 Tyan 2510 server works MB with 2 64bit PCI slots (dual P3 733 
> 512mb ram)
>         2 QLogic QLA 2100 FC cards (1 in edit system, 1 in Raid box)
>         This box is running Red Hat Linux and is configured for RAID 5, I 
> am doing SD work only right now.

What card and software do you use to get the videosignal in to the Linux 
box? (I mean what capture card?) I've been looking for a sollution like 
this too and since I'm familiare with FreeBSD/Linux and many other Unix OSs 
this would be a perfect sollution for us.

Is the Linux box set up with Samba? If not, how do you share the disk?

I want to hook this system up to a filmscanner and output directly to the 
harddrive raid for editing without needing to go through the VTR stage. Is 
the stored video compressed?


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