[tig] Capcoding??

Jeff Christopherson jeffch
Thu Nov 20 23:39:10 GMT 2003

While viewing Looney Tunes this week with the family ( Regal Cinemas
Simi Valley ) I saw a burst of the new and improved anti-piracy coding
that was quite distracting. It was the first time I'd noticed them. OK,
perhaps it's the power of suggestion, certainly not worth a TIG posting.

Then yesterday I got an unsolicited e-mail from a friend who lives about
2 hours north of Berlin. These comments are from a DVD mailing list he's
I've also noticed recently that the movie industry appears to coding
their prints with a type of serial number that flashes on the screen
periodically.  (Looks like a series of redish brown dots in certain
patterns that flash right in the center of the screen, and they are
different on each print.) ....  Anyone else seen these?  I actually find
them quite annoying, and sometimes I'll even find myself looking for
them instead of watching the movie.

REALLY annoying and REALLY distracting.  I tend to see movies on opening
night, just to avoid all the dirt and scratches that accumulate each
run, so the last thing I want to see is a new print marked up from the
lab.  I suppose the majority of the population won't notice or won't
care, and it is a creative way to help attack piracy, but they could
have been more creative...
----------------  end clip

My point being, the more observant viewers are griping too.

Usual disclaimer: Being in the DI business, I have an interest in
customer satisfaction AND anti-piracy. These are my thoughts, not those
of my employer who is wholly owned by Kodak.

Jeff Christopherson, Cinesite Hollywood.
Senior Digital Imaging Systems Analyst

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