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lunarfilms lunarfilms
Fri Nov 21 03:00:44 GMT 2003

At 09:18 PM 11/18/2003 -0800, you wrote:
>I have a similar setup, 3ware 7850's and Tyan dual AMDs, but I was 
>wondering how or if you were bridging the linux drives into the FC 
>network... Are you connecting them to SGIs via FC, if so are you using IP 
>over FC? I would be very interested to hear how you connect your server to 
>the rest of the world, or if it is just being used mostly as an NFS/SAMBA 
>fileserver. Thanks in advance for any info you may have.
>>The SAN machine (Tyan 2510 Dual P3 with 3Ware and QLogic FC) runs samba 
>>and is just IP over FC to my editor which runs Win2k on a Tyan Dual AMD. 
>>Right now this is the only connection the linux box makes, I am thinking 
>>of connecting a second machine over 100baseT to the linux box but I have 
>>not figured that out yet.


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