[tig] Capcoding??

Marc Wielage mfw
Fri Nov 21 10:38:07 GMT 2003

On 11/20/03 6:53 PM, "Erik Anderson" <eriktig at webllama.net> wrote:

> ...an anti-piracy ad, a couple of LA Times promos, red exit
> lights on the screen, mismatched release prints...

Hey, and speaking of the red exit lights: I was thoroughly pissed-off at the
Mann's Chinese theater the other night.  They have a half-dozen of these
reddish decorative faux-Asian-style sconce lights on the side walls, and the
lame-brains keep them on (albeit at a low level) throughout the movie!

You can't tell me those lights don't affect the color temperature of the
on-screen picture.  Between that and the air-conditioning noise in that
theater (screen #6 at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood), I'm amazed that THX
certifies the place.

Great bass in the subwoofers, though.

--Marc Wielage
  LA colorist-at-large

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