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Rob Lingelbach rob
Fri Nov 21 15:45:31 GMT 2003

On Fri, Nov 21, 2003 at 02:38:07AM -0800, Marc Wielage wrote:
> theater (screen #6 at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood), I'm amazed that THX
> certifies the place.
> Great bass in the subwoofers, though.

i?d like to chime in here with recent experiences in S?o
Paulo.  Last Sunday I went to see "Migra??o Alvada" (Winged
Migration) at a small multiple-screen theatre here in Jardim
Paulista.  I hope someone who is familiar with this film and
with documentaries like it (Jeff Kreines?) can comment on
the amazing cinematography, spellbinding really.  I saw it
had been nominated for an Oscar.. and I wasn?t surprised to
see Aaton prominent in the credits.

When I walked into the theatre I passed by a booth at ground
level that had black and white video monitors, at a
disturbing slow scan rate, of the projections in progress,
with a vintage-looking console and 3 people sitting watching
these flickering screens.

In theatre itself, which probably sat about 120, the screen
was quite small, distant, and very high, I had to tilt my
head from my seat midway to the front.  

These unfavorable impressions were the prelude to my first
audible "uh oh" ..when I saw about 2 seconds of fuzzy SMPTE
color bars at the beginning of the film. 

I kept looking back and above to verify that it was a
projected print and not a bad projection television set I
was watching.. and then as well the audio quality was about 
equal to a cellular telephone signal clamped and then
reexpanded.  I couldn?t even understand the narrator and had
to rely on the portuguese subtitiles, which were supered
over the middle of the image blotting out the otherwise
amazing and beautiful cinematography.   Also I saw quite a
few out-of-sync color timing changes near cuts.. a few
frames of black or something like it at reel changeovers.. 
And last and worst, the audio had a huge wow of roughly
a minor third interval that made me think I was on a
heaving antarctic icebreaker.

On the other hand,... last night I went to see Duck Soup
(Marx Brothers, 1933) at a theatre here in S?o Paulo called
Cinecesc, an art house, and the projection, the print, the
sound were all wonderful.  

Rob Lingelbach
tig founder, unix system administrator

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