[tig] Winged Migration

anders uhl anders.uhl
Fri Nov 21 20:41:41 GMT 2003

> I hope someone who is familiar with this film and
> with documentaries like it (Jeff Kreines?) can comment on
> the amazing cinematography, spellbinding really.  I saw it
> had been nominated for an Oscar.. and I wasn?t surprised to
> see Aaton prominent in the credits.

Hi Rob,

I'll comment...

The first thing of note is that it is a nature film (big budget nature 
film at that) and NOT a documentary - not really fiction either, but 
not a doc.  I'm sure that Mr. Kreines has a few words about that ;-)

One of the first things that really struck me was the exquisite 
operating.  They used all sorts of rigs including cranes (CAMERA cranes 
I mean), robotic mobilators, ultralights and those powered paraglider 
things and boats - oh and shoulders.  Aaton 35's were used as well as 
Eclaire Camiflexes, Arri 35III's and probably some others.

I'm very curious as to what post route was taken, because every shot is 
gorgeous.  The contrast and sharpness were tremendous and extremely 
consistent throughout the film (I actually missed it in theatres, but 
watched the DVD, so it is possible that more was done in the transfer 
than in the film prints, but it is a wonderful transfer).


anders uhl
ICG, New York

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