[tig] TIG Optional Awards

Rob Lingelbach rob
Tue Nov 25 16:38:03 GMT 2003

the 2004 TIG Optional Tweaker Award, the TIG Optional Lifetime
Achievement Award, and the new TIG Post of the Year Award,
are ready for nominations.  Here is how to nominate:

TIGOTA - send mail to tweaker at colorist.org with your
   nomination, and a brief description of the nominee?s
TIGOLA - send mail to la at colorist.org with your nomination
   with a brief description of the nominee?s attributes
TIGPOY - send mail to poy at colorist.org with you nomination
  (it hasn?t been determined yet if this last award will
    really be presented or just mentioned here on the net)
the nominee should be a registered user of the TIG TWiki
pages at

the voting will then take place on the web at
which is a live interface, showing results immediately.

These awards will be presented during NAB 2004.

Donna Reid and Peter Leatherland have gracefully lent their
support to this effort and are the originators.

Rob Lingelbach
tig founder, unix system administrator

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