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Richard Torpey rtorpey
Thu Nov 27 01:44:30 GMT 2003

Hi Mark,
Well, low cost and HD don't usually go in the same sentence (unless you're
with Apple's marketing department;-). 
I'd suggest you look at the numbers carefully before deciding on cutting
corners on the telecine - so many of the costs of the suite have nothing to
do with the telecine.
Consider that you'll need a large grade A monitor and unfortunately that
means the Sony 32" HD at about $40K. A Snell switcher is a slick way to go -
one control panel runs both SD and HD chassis. Add the rest of the
monitoring gear, color corrector, noise reducer, downconverters,
upconverters, timecode/KeyKode, sync & test generators for the various
HD(1080i at 30, 1080psf at 24, maybe 1080 at 25 or 720p depending on your market) and
SD (525/625) formats (don't forget the 6hz pulse so you can do simul 24 & 30
work). Then continue with more vtr's then you ever thought you'd need
(HD-D5, HDCAM, DVCPro-HD? D-6? HDCAM-SR for 4:4:4 work?). Then you have the
plant infrastructure - routing/patching/power/HVAC and how much does the
real estate cost per sq ft? 
Continue with our hypothetical suite and add the console, furniture,
lighting, convenience features (laptop/Imac for client, etc.) and take a
look at how the costs add up and how little a percentage change is made by
going with a Shadow vs. a Spirit (or whatever alternatives you are
considering). Consider also what the competition has - if you have the only
Shadow in town and everyone else has MKIII's and FDL-60's then you're
golden. If you have the only Shadow and everyone else has Spirits then how
do you plan on marketing the suite? Please note that the same comparisons
hold for the other manufacturers telecines - it's just a clearer picture
staying with one product line.
Bottom line - what good is a 2.2 million dollar suite that you can't sell
vs. a 2.5 million dollar suite that's up there with the best in town?
Best of luck with the venture & Happy Thanksgiving.

Rich Torpey
VP Engineering
Rhinoceros/MultiVideo Group
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New York, NY 10017
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My company is looking into upgrading to an HD telecine.  (We currently have
a MarkIII w/classic DaVinci.)  Does anyone have some advice on setting up a
relatively low cost system?

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