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Dean Lyon dlyon
Wed Aug 11 02:55:50 BST 2004

Purchase of Digital Cinema Cameras on the Rise among Production / Post

-- By 2003 two thirds of all production/post houses will own Digital Cinema
Cameras -- 

According to SCRI's just released 2003 - 2005 Digital Cinema Marketplace
Report , by the end of 2002 almost half (47.3%) of all film and video
production and post facilities worldwide already owned digital cinema
cameras -- and by year-end 2003, the installed base will rise to two thirds
of all facilities (65.8%).With a fifth of all facilities still unsure, the
adoption rate is likely to be even higher. Among cinematographers, the
current installed base is already at 60%. 

Facilities in the USA are quicker to adopt digital cinema cameras than their
counterparts in the rest of the world -- 53.6% of US production/post
facilities currently own these cameras compared to 36.6% in the ROW. By the
end of 2003, 70.5% of US facilities will have purchased a digital cinema
camera compared to 57.5% in other countries. 

Data for the 2003 - 2005 Digital Cinema Marketplace Report was derived from
extensive surveys conducted by SCRI, in conjunction with Digital Cinema

The report details the impact of digital cinema on all four aspects of the
digital cinema chain: acquisition, postproduction, distribution and
exhibition. Form more information go online to:
http://www.scri.com/dc2003.html and/or contact info at scri.com 

Source: SCRI International (www.SCRI.com | info at scri.com) 
Excerpted from SCRI's 2003 - 2005 Digital Cinema Marketplace Report Report

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