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Fri Aug 20 17:07:31 BST 2004

For the most part, the cameras are for the host broadcaster (AOB) and the
rights-holder (NBC).  Being on site at the olympics venues is impressive, more
remote trucks, triax, and production people than I could have imagined.

NBC is using one of those super high-speed cameras (1000fps+) at the swimming
venue.  We then bring the footage in via a laptop for processing, and then out
to tape for air...  really neat looking stuff.

Erik Utter
Flying Spot
(NBC for the remainder of the month)

Quoting Adrian Thomas <adrian at autotv.co.uk>:

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> On 20 Aug 2004, at 13:04, Marc Wielage wrote:
> >
> > Odd.  We're seeing NBC's HD coverage of the Summer Olympics on this
> > side of
> > the pond in full-frame 16x9, no mattes.  I wonder where your HD feed is
> > coming from for the U.K.?
> >
> Ooh, now that really is intriguing. Do you get all the 'supermotion'
> instant playbacks that we're getting on the 4:3/50i feed? I was
> watching the synchronised diving the other day and was marvelling at
> the sheer number of different TV cameras directly opposite the divers.
> There were at least SIX in effectively the same position - three per
> diver! If one was HD (60i, presumably) one 4:3/50i and one supermotion,
> that would account for it, but I'd still imagine that they couldn't do
> this treble for every camera position - what's the HD presentation
> like, is it pretty static?
> > The specific decision on aspect ratios is one from the distributors,
> > not
> > from the post houses or by colorists.  I know that HD Net is running
> > CHARLIE'S ANGELS and HOGAN'S HEROES in 16x9, but there's a little teeny
> > black matte on the extreme left and right.  I wouldn't say it's 14x9,
> > but
> > there's definitely something going on.
> >
> The thing is, with 14:9 you almost lose the matting in overscan anyway,
> which is why such aostensibly bad theory works so well in (CRT)
> practice.
> > You can contact Mark Cuban of HD Net at mark at hd.net if you want to ask
> > him
> > about their choice for aspect ratios.  (The address is on their
> > webpage at
> > http://www.hd.net on the web.)
> >
> I might just do that, as we're supposedly going to be offered some
> (almost certainly American flavoured) HD next year from our friends at
> Sky.
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