[tig] Spirit 4k, DSX scans vs. flatbed

Javier Hernanz Zájara javier.hernanz
Mon Aug 23 09:49:42 BST 2004


I've done some quality tests with DSX, Imagica and Northlight (I hope Spirit
4K too...). I looked for color properties, resolution, softness in color
gradients, detail, etc.

The results were very clear: DSX is poorer for scanning; Imagica and
Northlight are similars in results but Northlight has better color response
and, as a result, in fine detail it presents more fidelity and apparently
resolution. Imagica does a picture processing which can modify the
properties of the picture in a not very good way. Visually Imagica pictures
could seem better but when postproducing that pictures are not so good as
Northlight's ones. Elsewhere pictures taken with Northlight can be processed
at the end of the postproduction chain to seem better than Imagica's

Regarding steadiness I did not so exhaustive analysis but, again, DSX seems
poorer. Northlight was tested even changing film and going back days later
and stability is amazing. Imagica was not tested ok, so I'm not going to say
anything about it.

After all the test I did, I think, personal and sincerelly, Northlight is
the best scanner I've tested. If anyone can scan pictures in a Spirit 4K or
ArriScan perhaps we could extend the analysis to those other.

    Best regards,

    Javier Hernanz Z?jara

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