[Tig] new tig details (and some history)

Rob Lingelbach rob
Tue Dec 28 17:21:18 GMT 2004

one of the nicer features of the new TIG is that html message parts will be
converted to plain text (though I didn't get the chance to test this
thoroughly; we'll find out soon if it works)..  also as had been
the case for a while now certain types of attachments will be stripped.

messages coming into the tig from an address other than one that is
subscribed will be held for approval, so if you send a message from an
alternate address it won't go out to everyone until the administrator
has a chance to clear it.. the data of these alternate addresses from
the old TIG was lost so I'll have to rebuild that part of the database
incrementally over time.  there were roughly 20 of these addresses.

the tig has now been through some incarnations:
1994-1997 managed with SmartList, Procmail, and exim out of alegria.com
   Rob Lingelbach, admin 
1998-2000 managed with Mailman, Python, and exim out of alegria.com
   Rob Lingelbach, admin
(webpages for above years designed by Julien Sorel and Rob Lingelbach)
2000-2001 managed with sendmail 
   Rich Torpey, admin
2001-2004 managed with Mailman, Python, exim out of colorist.org
   Rob Lingelbach and David Tosh, admins
   2002 started inclusion of TWiki interface to webpages (as suggested 
        by Chuck Harrison)
2004-     list at tig.oktobor.com managed with Mailman, Python, exim
   Rob Lingelbach, admin; James Braid, host owner
coming soon: colorist.org returns with new TWiki interface

Rob Lingelbach   rob at calarts.edu

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