[Tig] a question about grads.

Rob Lingelbach rob
Thu Dec 30 15:56:44 GMT 2004

On 2004-12-30 at 15:30, Kevin Shaw (kevs at finalcolor.com) wrote:

> - A color filter will reduce the exposure of other light frequencies
> (colors) e.g.. A coral filter will reduce the blueness in the sky. Of course
> that is good if you want the coral, but the blue cannot be restored in
> grading later. Blue can be added, but the original blue of the sky has been
> lost, because it was not exposed.

coral filter, an interesting idea.  

> the OCN), which can be corrected of course. But the result is likely to be
> more "noisy" than "grainy". Same is true of using a coral filter and
> correcting back to blue.

that's what I thought too.  in this case blue is not desired, which
makes it easier.  I was even wondering if there were grad filters that
mimic the effect of infrared film, to make the sky almost black.

> My advice- use an ND grad to correctly expose the sky, then add the sky
> vignette and grain in grading. Use a polarizer where possible.

how are you proposing to add the grain at that point?
thanks for the advice Kevin.

> I suppose the luxury of testing is out of the question?

with an ND the results are probably predictable, the coral filter might
require a test.

Rob Lingelbach   rob at calarts.edu

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