[tig] PAL audio sync

Jeff Booth jeff.booth
Tue Feb 17 21:16:16 GMT 2004

InDaw from Aaton is the ONLY device I know that can do this. InDaw does not
care what timecode frame rate is on the DAT. I have three of these at my
facility in London and use them for ALL of my dailies transfers. Unlike most
US facilities, we TK mute and sync afterwards.

I have also had a great deal of input into the development of the InDaw
system, so if you need any assistance, contact me off-list.

Ascent Media in LA have a number of these machines (Phil Mendelson - he is a
subscriber to the TIG) can guide you to the right facility.

If you need Keycode and location audio timecode in flex or ALE files, then
in TK, make sure you output 3line VITC to the deck (in the UK we put the
3-line VITC on 16, 17 and 18 - leaving 19&21 for the VTR VITC).

Also make sure the TK is checked for Keycode integrity in this mode (again
if you are using Aaton's KeyLink system, this is a breeze).

Just in case anyone needs to know, InDaw can also cope with film shot at
25fps and transferred in TK at 23.976. It will sync the audio in this mode
as well.

In all of the above cases, the audio is speed changed in real time.

Jeff Booth
Operations Manager
Soho Images (part of the Ascent Media Group)

Disclaimer - I use Aaton products because they are the best. I do admit
however that Aaton have bought me the occasional beer.

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thanks to Synthetic Aperture for supporting the TIG.

I have client that shot 24FPS film and 30FPS location DATs for a job.  He
now wants to transfer the film to PAL.  This project involves a lot of sync,
usually we have an assistant sync the dailies after the transfer is
completed.  Pretty low tech but it works.  

Since the DATs are 30 FPS the TC reference on the DAT will do me no good.  I
can put PAL Ref on the DAT, and force it to put out 25FPS code, but am I
correct in thinking that the DATs will still be 4% slow compared to my film
transfers?  Someone suggested cloning the DATs with 25 FPS code, but I don't
think that will achieve the 4% speed up that I need.

Short of a lot of hand crafted work in audio post, is there an easier way to
get this job done?  I don't do a lot of PAL work, so I am hoping there is
just a missing piece to this puzzle that I don't know about.


Dave Reinowski
Senior Engineer
OakPark MI

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