[tig] Invitation to contribute to PICTUREREADY product direction

Rob Lingelbach rob
Wed Feb 18 01:28:44 GMT 2004

On Tue, Feb 17, 2004 at 06:53:57PM -0500, Richard Torpey wrote:

> After you have been informed of the etiquette of this list it is in
> incredibly poor taste to repeat your posting.

I guess the bottom-of-message blurb on every posting has
become obscure or redundant.  When there exists any doubt in
the mind of the prospective author of a possibly commercial
message, it is a good idea to run it past an administrator
(tig-admin at colorist.org).

There are, however, others who will disagree with this
policy, and think that the TIG policies are nebulous, or
otherwise too restrictive for free communication; it is
sometimes a fine line between our (mostly) well-regarded
signal-to-noise level and keeping things relatively open.
Policies can be reviewed at
they both contain paragraphs very applicable to the posting
to which Rich refers.

> Rich Torpey former tig admin - now someone that enjoys the TIG's signal to
> noise level

and sometimes even getting into a discussion about what is
cool and what isn?t degrades the S/N, but in this case a
reminder is a good idea I suppose.

Rob Lingelbach  colorist
tig founder, coadmin
unix system administrator

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