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Harris_Leibowitz/zoetrope at ffcnotes.com Harris_Leibowitz/zoetrope
Thu Feb 19 20:38:15 GMT 2004

"Curiously, yellow is regarded in many cultures as the least attractive
colour, and its metaphorical and symbolic
  associations are often denigrating. It is traditionally the shade of
treachery and cowardice, and
  clothing designers admit that it is a terribly difficult colour to sell.
Yellow is popular in China (it is the
  emperor?s colour, huang); but in the West you had better call it gold. "

While I always enjoy reading about color theory... subjective, non scientific quotes like the above one, from Ball's book,
invite skepticism. Yellow is the color of the Sun. Without the golden yellow of sunshine, our days would be bleak.
Sweet Yellow corn, or Yellow lemons adorning a plate of seafood evoke good associations. Bright Yellow in tropical fish
and birds, is a treat for the eyes. A Yellow rose... a beautiful alternate to red ones.

Yellow admittedly, can be ugly... as in color bars. Who hasn't used secondary color correction, to swing the hue of Yellow
clockwise towards Red and a more pleasing rendition? In clothing Yellow seems to benifit from less saturation and likewise
from a hue, that veers away from green. Hey... "Kelly Green" is not exactly an easy color to sell in clothing either.

Subjectively.. Red is "anger"... Green is "envy"... Blue is "sadness"... and yes Yellow is "cowardice". But I wouldn't want to
live without any of them in my daily pallette.

Harris Leibowitz / Colorist / American Zoetrope

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