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Gary Welch gwelch
Wed Jun 30 16:53:17 BST 2004

The capstan, certainly on Cintel machines, should be cleaned ideally with a
solution of 20 parts water/1 part Teepol(a mild detergent that cleans the
capstan by 'gently opening the porous surface'). Teepol is what the
manufacturers of the polyurethane used on our capstans recommend. However it
is fairly common practice, even at Cintel, to use a very mild solution of
household detergent (fairy liquid etc..) and water. The solution should be
applied using a lint free cloth.

We don't recommend the use of isopropyl alcohol as this can cause the
capstan surface to become uneven (minutely) which will in turn cause
possible image steadiness problems. As with anything, I dare say that using
VERY small quantities of alcohol will cause no real issues. Many people even
run Wet gates on regular Polyurethane capstans for many years - this is fine
if you don't use the Wet gate frequently. Viton coated capstans are
recommended for frequent use with the Wet gate.........Of course now we have
an alternative for the Wet gate in Oliver.

Gary Welch
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thanks to Rich Montez for supporting the TIG.

>Stuart Debenham:
>   I been using isopropyl alcohol for a few years and have not seen a down
side to it.
After cleaning, the rubber coating feels like a new sticky roller.

Do we really want the capstan to feel like a sticky roller?
James DeLuca, Sr Video Engr. 
Crest National Digital Media Complex - Hollywood

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