FW: [tig] what in the world (Pioneer PRV-LX1 DVD recorder)

Jeff Booth jeff.booth
Mon Jun 7 22:24:03 BST 2004

I wasn't implying it came from any TIG members, just wanted to alert any
Wintel Windoze chaps (who may not have virus checking capability) of an
impending infection.

Better to warn than have to listen to endless tales of woe!


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On 2004-06-07 at 13:35, Rob Lingelbach (rob at calarts.edu) wrote:

> It didn't go out via the TIG Jeff -- it can't because of the 
> protections we have built in.  Take a look at the headers to see the 
> path.  Apparently by use of the address book or other address-sniffing 
> worm it gained the use of Andreas's email contacts.

actually it looks like the originating address was forged and doesn't exist.
To track down where it came from is more work than it's worth (it was sent
to me as well, but doesn't harm Unix boxes :] )

Intimidation made public is also very much part of the motivation for the
virus writers unfortunately..  it's kind of like jamming on radio
frequencies, where the best policy might be to ignore it :].

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