[tig] Junior Colorist seeking advice re London.

colm forde colmforde
Fri Jun 11 15:43:24 BST 2004

Hi Folks,
I'm thinking of moving to London in the near future.  Can anyone who has 
worked in London get back to me off list regarding the best post houses to 
be trained in/work for, and perhaps more importantly, the ones to avoid.  
Any other advice re the london scene would be very welcome.

Colm Forde
R.T.E Film Archives

>From: Rob Lingelbach <rob at calarts.edu>
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>Subject: Re: [tig] TIG: Just Starting Out?
>Date: Fri, 21 May 2004 13:22:33 -0700
>thanks to Steve Paris for supporting the TIG.
>On 2004-05-21 at 13:09, Garrick Bernard (lazysatellite at simplyweb.net) 
> > to know how everyone started out.  Does one work their way up the ranks
> > at a lab?  Any suggestions or anecdotes?
>anecdotes, well that will be a fun discussion.
>Just to give you an idea of the offspring one colorist has spawned over the
>years, take a look at
>each of the names listed was at one time Bob Festa's assistant.
>Many of the colorists I know were at one time assistant colorists.  The
>important thing is to assist a really good colorist where you can be in
>the room with clients, and start to absorb and perform with the
>abilities for which great colorists are known, that include:
>1) diplomacy 2)psychiatry 3) experiential conclusions 4) creativity
>5) conversation 6) technical acumen.  These skills have various orders
>of precedence depending on the format of the material; long-form film
>(features, shows) differ from short-form (commercials) and music videos
>have their own priorities (or would that be peculiarities).
>So my advice is, make friends with a great colorist and become his or
>her assistant.
>Rob Lingelbach   rob at calarts.edu
>tig founder-admin
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