[tig] A few more questions

lunarfilms lunarfilms
Sat Jun 12 01:39:47 BST 2004

Hi Everyone,

I have my Turbo with Copernicus running and almost all functionality (I 
cannot seem to get the aspect knob to work, but everything else does) I am 
now turning to the picture.

I have replaced the Digi4 with another which is a newer rev, the main 
digital out does not seem to work and I am getting a pic from the aux 125M 

I am running 125M out of the Digi4 to the D1A in on the Copernicus box and 
125M out of the CC into a DIE 125 noise reducer I then have a miranda 
parallel to serial out of the accom. When I put bars up on the Digi4, or on 
the Copernicus box I have a pic which has some artifacts in it, and if I am 
looking at a blank pic from the turbo (EHT off) the black pic has allot of 
digital noise in it. Should I be looking at the parallel cables? I tried 
changing the digital out board on the new digi4 and no difference.

I changed the digi4 after a little short I missed fried the VAC board on 
the old one and at the time I did not know what was gone but it seems to be 
only that board.


almos there......time to go imbibe.

Robert Houllahan
lunarfilms at mindspring.com
PH.  401 499 6411
FX.   401 943 7738

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