[tig] 2 perf

Richardson, Ian ian.richardson
Tue Jun 15 07:42:37 BST 2004

There has been a comedy feature completed 'downunder' using 2 perf via a Vialta
digitising direct to the timeline under 422 control from a HD Cinewave Mac
[422 uncompressed] then colour correction with DaV 2K with the cinewave Mac
as a source deck recording on a second cinewave system for finals and Data out.
I gave a short paper at the last Aust SMPTE re this cost effective real
time workflow. The results on the big screen were
very very acceptable.   No Videotape.
I am a Big fan of 2 perf and its relationship with HD. Next one will be
444 realtime dual HD 10 bit log............

Ian Richardson
DP Sydney

Bill Hogan wrote:

> thanks to Bob Blanks for supporting the TIG.
> --
> Jim Mann wrote:
> "I think I remember the Spirit having a 2 perf option? but 2 perf has been off my radar
> for a long time."
> ===========
> Every Spirit has the 2 perf operation as standard.
> DI from 2 perf should be great with the proper choice of negative stock and good lenses
> and a well exposed negative.
> I believe there has been some tests done in the LA area.  Would have to check who did
> them.
> Regards, Bill Hogan
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