[tig] 2 perf

Richardson, Ian ian.richardson
Wed Jun 16 05:07:16 BST 2004

Yup we did some extensive testing with The DaV Kit plus. works fine.....
lots of colorist comfort there.
We did not commit to the Kit and it has now been returned. This is not
indicative that it is a bad product, more that Management/budgets/wait and see
until we commit.
We have had IQ back again with the NAB release.
Interesting to note [via Email today] that the dual HD inputs can be
'forced' with a simple change to a registry setting to treat the incoming
real time HD video as 'log' and flag the clip as such and deal with it in
log colorspace.
cool huh.....havent tested that yet,  any one else tested? Keep me posted.

The trouble with using Infernos/Onyx's down under is that they are such good
'earners' that to tie up the whole room for weeks/months on end with a film
job sitting in the framestore makes for grumpy management. IQ not so bad cost wise.
As we all know there is now a few more 'cost effective' PC solutions out there
nearing usability.

Ian Richardson
DP Sydney

Usual Disclaimer here.....

Greg D. wrote:

> The Onyx/Inferno was too expensive, but iQ isn't cheap either especially
> compared to your Mac/Cinewave setup.  Did you guys try da Vinci's Server I/O
> stuff?
> -Greg Dildine
> Colorist
> Boston, MA

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