[tig] 25fps sync film w/aatoncode to NTSC at 25fps?

Craig Leffel craig
Thu Jun 17 18:25:37 BST 2004


>>>>>- Were these variations inherent in the execution of this job?
- Was this a matter of Operator Error? Please explain.
- Is there any reason to suspect equipment error?

I don?t know if I have enough background with similar scenarios to properly
evaluate this issue. Should I be confident in my evaluation, or do I need to
learn something here?

Your collective thoughts on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Hi David -

Don't be afraid for your psyche.... this group has a big bark sometimes, but
rarely a stiff bite. It's a gang of folks who believe in what we all
do...and if we didn't think we were good at it, I would hope that some of us
would quit and open the fotomat or coffee lounge or used guitar store...
wait, I'm thinking out loud.....

I've been involved in the same scenario MANY times, in fact, recently. I
will just suggest some things that have worked for me, as I have never seen
a way to gurantee sync while working native at 25 fps for audio and video
within an NTSC environment. This assmues that someone might want to touch
the material again and you need to create a repeatable scenario.... if not,
the .01% slew you mention should work, but what about KK/TC relationships,
and normal Film Roll TC conventions? If none of that is important, then
getting it as in sync as you can given the ridiculous request of your client
is about all you can do. Though, you may have been better off to just
transfer at 25 and find someone with Protools to sync, as it seems to be a
wonder box when it comes to locking up to virtually anything you can through
at it..... What I have done;

1. Transfer and sync at 24 fps. This works surprisingly well sometimes for
material that is native 25. I know that some of our brothers in Europe take
24 up to 25....

2. Transfer and sync in PAL HD. Dub down to NTSC.

It's not mch of an answer, but the 2 scenarios I like the most... that I can
gurantee work. I hope all went well in the end with the project. Good luck.
The last one I did had all the same requests, with the exception that the
audio came in on audio CD - that was burned from a laptop on set! And yes,
they recorded audio live to a laptop. REAL fun. BTW, thanks to all of you
reading who offered suggestions and help. It was very needed, and came in
quite handy.

Happy Knobtwisting all -

Craig Leffel
Senior Colorist

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