[tig] Subliminal motion in 16mm film transfers; yeah, more...

Bill Topazio BTopazio
Mon Jun 21 14:28:18 BST 2004

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> As to the subliminal reaction, here are two equal but contradictory
> observations, and they both also apply to grain and several 
> other artefacts normally only associated with film.

All this talk of floats and grain is making me thirsty.  But that's besides the point...

> ... and lets say we are still 
> in the time of the Sabre Tooth Tiger, we must be on our guard, we either do 
> not want to be eaten or we must rush around chasing food for our survival. 
> Therefore the "real" image keeps us in a very attentive and 
> subconsciously nervous mood.

Now this comes right back to Rob's point... The reason Wild Kingdom is so wildly popular may be that we are still just looking for the sabre tooth!  And for a dose of Fear factor, that croc dude, and Survivor decades ahead of its time, let's throw ol' Jim into the fray with just his bare hands (dayn-juh!)!  Hard to worry about weave when you're jumpin' around like yer ass is on fire!

It's all frame of reference I guess; we would probably not perceive ANY weave or jitter if it weren't for those damn raster edges and proscenia in theatres.  Forget stadium seating; replace hard screen edges with drapes and keep a fan blowing gently on them.

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