[tig] When to change the photo Multiplier tubes?

Richardson, Ian ian.richardson
Wed Jun 23 05:08:34 BST 2004

Hi Stuart et all,
Yes they do age. they lose gain.  If they are that old, change now......
can cause improper burn compensation and shading on later ITK equipped machines
due the the loss of output falling beyond the circuit design parameters.
There is a good case for top performance to change PEC's with each tube replacement.

Ian Richardson
DP Syd

stuart wrote:

> thanks to Rich Montez for supporting the TIG.
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> Hello Everyone,
>    I hope to receive some advice about the useful lifetime of  Photo 
> Multiplier Tubes in a Rank MK IIIC telecine.  Do they degrade over time 
> - and if so in what way?  Any thoughts on this subject would be 
> helpful.  My tubes are about 10 years old.  Everything being equal, 
> would it make sense to replace the blue tube first if I don't replace 
> them all at the same time?
> Thank you,
> Stuart Debenha m
> Pittsburgh, PA
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