[tig] overexposed neg

Vincent G Hogan vinny
Fri Jun 25 04:44:01 BST 2004

If this anomaly appears to be vertical streaking or veiling in appearance it
may be attributed to insufficient developer turbulation in the ECN-II
developing process. When Kodak EXR stocks were introduced a number of
laboratories throughout the world had to re-design their developer spray
bars. I'm not sure about the new Vision-2 stocks and how they react to
turbulation.(haven't seen any problems with my process) I doubt 1-2 stop
over exposure would immediately show this problem, certain tonal range and
contrast will exaggerate the problem such as sky scenes, neutral grade mid
tones etc..
Just my two cents
Vinny(lab rat)Hogan
Cineworks Digital-Miami 

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thanks to Rich Montez for supporting the TIG.

David wrote;

>>>>>>>>>>>>thanks for the input on this subject, i knew i should have 
more time discribing the fault rather then the frequence of its occurance.
..............as i have said before i probably won't see this again for
ages, but thanks for your help now.

Hi David -

I was hesitant to add a comment, but for your own sanity and mine, I will
just say that I have seen the effect you descibe on my Spirit as well...
with overexposed film. I too thought it was wash marks or some very faint
chemistry streaking... but could never see it frequently.... a few years ago
when we had a 2nd telecine, It just so happened that I was on a project that
had this particular anomoly and Carl VanCamp ( from Thompson ) just happened
to be here. I was sure I would get an answer as to what it was... Carl
however, being the smart man he is wanted to see it on the other telecine
before he committed to trying to figure out what it was.... it turns out
that with a similar color correction on an old Rank - the "streaking - faint
diffusion collums" were there too. So, Carl became convinced that it was on
the film. I have seen the issue a number of times since then, and have never
been quite sure it's on the film and not something else.

That's all I can add, but I hope it helps you to know that you are not
crazy, as your email helped me....

Craig Leffel

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