[TIG] sticky rollers

david gibson davegibson1971
Sun Jun 27 04:39:08 BST 2004

I have always washed my PTRs to clean them, as i was told by various engineers and colourists that
using sticky tape to clean the dirt from their surfaces also had the undesirable side effect of
essentially removing the rollers 'sticky' qualities and shortening their useable life. Which
neatly segways into the following question. does anybody know where your can get old PTRs
reconditioned and is this a worth while procedure, i've heard it can be done, but that the
'reskimmed' rollers have a shorter life span then brand new ones, and can 'go off' quickly.

dave gibson 
> Kodak sells a special tape (OK, FPC sells it) for cleaning PTRs.  Works 
> well.
> Many labs just use 2" packing tape, which also seems to work.  They 
> mount the roller on a spare spindle (with bearing) and just
> run the tape in a U around the roller, pulling the tape back and forth 
> vigorously.
> Fast, and dry.
> Jeff "thanks John P for this fine invention" Kreines
> Or you can just hang a "Tacky Mat" (same ones that go on the floor for
> cleaning the bottom of shoes) on the wall, and roll your rollers. They
> make a 24'x 48" size. Works great and no residue.
> Bruce W. Goldstein
> Ascent Media Mgmt.-East (Northvale, NJ)


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