[tig] Navicam

Marc Wielage mfw
Sun May 2 14:25:58 BST 2004

On 5/1/04 9:43 PM, "Ken Robinson" <ken at flight4.org> wrote:

> I am trying to find out the low down on a system called Navicam.
> Anyone seen it? Off list or on list is fine, although it isn't exactly Film
> related.

Well, Google had about 500+ hits on it.  Try this one:


Looks like some kind of real-time heads-up display where a video camera
looks at the world around you, analyzes it by computer, then gives you some
feedback.  Very futuristic, probably very R&D-ish.

I think Arnold had something like this in TERMINATOR 2.

--Marc Wielage
  LA colorist-at-large

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