[tig] b+w stock question

Jim Mann jfmann
Sun May 2 17:45:49 BST 2004

Hi Rob,

You wrote:<Del>What are the advantages/disadvantages to shooting with B&W

The first thing that comes to mind is grain. Like Salt and pepper "add to
taste" With all the stock choices available, find a grain structure that is
to the liking.

Here in NYC were the cold temps can cause the RH to drop to nothing. The
lack of a REM JET (and its' Anti-Static properties) is a bit of a issue with
B&W stocks. Care must be taken to ground both the Camera and the processing
machine to prevent lighting bolts in the pix. In Brasil I suspect this is
not a issue.

I prefer Color Neg for B&W because I can utilize my secondary color
correctors in adjusting the tonal ranges of anything in the pix that I can
isolate via HSL. By creating a well balanced color image in the telecine or
other source, I can isolate the blue hue of the sky, and with the help of a
soft matte (to clean up the key) adjust its gray value almost anywhere.
Then create the B&W (or mono wash) using a Color corrector later down the
line in the system.

So I can gain control over the flesh tone or the grass and pick apart the
elements of the picture to achieve "the Look".

Bob wrote: <del><there seem to me to be variable density problems at
time exhibiting as kind of a puddling effect washing
vertically on the film (in the case of 35mm b+w).>

Sounds like a drying problem to me. Wipers not doing there job. Temps of the
chemicals too low. Speed to fast. Try a rewash of the Neg.

Good Luck;
Jim Mann
Freelance Colorist


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