[tig] DI workflow/Camera test at Plus 8

Jeff Kreines jeffkreines
Mon May 3 09:47:35 BST 2004

> On 5/3/04 12:09 AM, "Steve Shaw" <digital.praxis at virgin.net> wrote on 
> the
> TIG List:
>> The Sony showed serious banding on vertical edges, spreading out to 
>> the right
>> of the edge in question. All detail enhancement was either off or set 
>> as low
>> as possible. This is a serious flaw to my mind, especially for vfx 
>> work.''


Did this usually appear as a blue stripe on contrasty edges, typically 
to the right of those edges?  If so, I think it's the same annoying 
prism-related artifact that all the Sony HD cameras exhibit.

This is why single sensor cameras will eventually supplant prism 

Jeff "I'll have the blue stripe special" Kreines

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