[tig] Film grain paranoia

Nichols Craig Craig.Nichols
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Perhaps in 20 years there will be a quest for that film grain look similar to the debate today of tubes vs. transistors in audiophile circles.  Or perhaps a trend will come for adding pleasing distortions like guitar players want from tubes...like a visual equivalent of a tube "fuzz box", or overdrive for images. There may even be noise reducer artifact "plugins". 

Perhaps a "virgin transfer" data transfer is best for the long term.  Not a transfer by a virgin (a rare commodity today), but a transfer untouched by processing.  ;-}  That way, the t trendy  look d'jour can be added in the future.  Film grain does not have to be a bad thing.  After all, it's part of the "film look", no?

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On Wed, Apr 28, 2004 at 12:04:54AM -0400, lunarfilms wrote:

>I agree that grain is beautiful, it is full of life, and the trend of 
>super clean I hope will not last forever.

me too.  if you look at the big picture, historically that
is, will the transfers 20 years from now be adding noise
reduction artifacts in order to re-achieve the look of this
decade, in the same way that film grain and scratches are
added to some video-generated images today?  (one shudders
at the thought)

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