[tig] Film grain paranoia

Rich Montez screenwarmer
Tue May 4 19:58:34 BST 2004

>>Perhaps a "virgin transfer" data transfer is best for the long term.

If it were my film, my D.I. "Master" neg., I would want it
with no grain or noise reduction so in the future if I wanted it in I would
have the choice of putting it in the prints. That's what kills me is there
are some films being made now and the DI neg is smeared forever. The only
way to fix it is to do the DI over again. At least there's that. But if you
didn't cut the OCN you give someone the option to recut your art in 30 years
at their discretion. By not cutting the neg I think this will be a problem
in the future. Also, some elements are sure to be lost.

Rich Montez

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