[tig] red flash problem question

Rob Lingelbach redflash
Wed May 5 20:34:30 BST 2004

the below is submitted by a TIG subscriber who, for political
reasons, is unable to identify himself.  It is a technical problem
that someone might be able to help him with, replies can go either
to the list or to redflash at colorist.org  


Rob Lingelbach  
tig founder, coadmin

My question regards a feature that I?m currently working on. A red
flash, that can be seen on 1 frame, but is not necessarily a
flash-frame, is appearing on lab rolls that I?m working on
throughout the shooting.

They are obviously green on the negative and vary in extremity,
but in an extreme case the flash is perf to perf from left to

They appear just before and after the camera flash (usually - but
not always- at a camera roll change) Fortunately they are not
appearing during takes when the camera is running at full speed
(24fps). It was originally thought that it was a camera fault or a
suspect magazine, but as you see in the following list, these
flashes appear throughout a long list of variables

Unit Info:
4 x S35mm Arri Cameras (with 6 x Magazines shared between them)
2 x Camera Units (A & B each with a seperate film loader)
1 x test unit

Stock Info:
Kodak Vision 2 - 500 ASA
Kodak  Daylight - 250 ASA

Shoot Info:
A Unit : Shooting 3 perf.
B Unit : Shooting 4 perf

So I?m wondering if anybody out there has ever experienced
similar. The same fault in 4 cameras or 6 magazines seems slim and
the human error seems ruled out by the number of camera units and
loaders.  I know, a silly question as 2 film stocks are being used
(but I was asked to ask), but could it be a question of the raw
stock used? Or the lab (bearing in mind that this hasn?t been
experienced before or with any other ongoing project)?  Are there
any recommendations (other than camera-tests, which we?ve gone
through) that I can forward to my client as to pin-pointing where
in the chain this problem exists.

Any hint, however small is still a hint and very welcome.

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