[tig] red flash problem question

Simon Burley simon
Wed May 5 22:10:36 BST 2004

> My question regards a feature that I?m currently working on. A red
> flash, that can be seen on 1 frame, but is not necessarily a
> flash-frame, is appearing on lab rolls that I?m working on
> throughout the shooting.
> They are obviously green on the negative and vary in extremity,
> but in an extreme case the flash is perf to perf from left to
> right.
> They appear just before and after the camera flash (usually - but
> not always- at a camera roll change) Fortunately they are not
> appearing during takes when the camera is running at full speed
> (24fps). It was originally thought that it was a camera fault or a
> suspect magazine, but as you see in the following list, these
> flashes appear throughout a long list of variables

This sounds to me like the mag isn't quite securely fastened. I'm pretty
sure there was a thread on this very subject on one of the cml lists quite
recently regarding Arri cameras/mags. Perhaps the operator isn't too
experienced with Arri cameras.

I've seen this problem from time to time with film recorders, where it
takes several seconds to expose a single frame; normally not a problem,
but when the film is stopped while the recorder recalibrates or renders a
slate, you get exactly this effect.

I'd suggest searching the cml archives.

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