[tig] Telecine Bash T-Shirts.

G. Baker "Telecine Sales" hdedit
Wed May 12 03:42:58 BST 2004

Hi To all...

Just a quick note. Everyone who attended the Telecine
Bash in Vegas that got a T-Shirt Designed by myself
was a complimentary gift from my partner and I as well
as a few others. We did "give" all the T-shirts out.
This had a cost that I covered myself. I can however
purchase more, and offer them to any one interested
who would like to purchase one. As I stated to Rob,
"If I sell any shirts, I would make a contribution to
the TIG". At this time, no shirts have been "sold"
each was given as a gift at my expense.

I hope those who got one will enjoy them for years to

Guy H. Baker
GHMC Subsidiary of
Telecine Sales
guy at telecinesales.com
Castaic California
Cell 661-510-8698
"The Only Way To Predict The Future is To Create It!"

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