[tig] Standard def finishing in data style

gary at red.co.uk gary
Thu May 13 19:35:15 BST 2004

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What does he mean these compositors sometimes change our work?

Gary Szabo
gary at red.co.uk

> A Revolution In Color
> By Jerry Steele
> Jerry Steele is a visual effects supervisor at Steele VFX, Santa Monica.
>  A revolution is afoot in commercial post- production-a revolution in
> color correction. Like all insurrections, this one is a challenge to the
> old order and as such, it is being warmly welcomed by some and fiercely
> resisted by others. Yet in my view, its success is inevitable. As the
> new way of color correcting spots promises to increase creative
> flexibility while saving time and money, it is going to be impossible to
> resist.

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