[tig] Standard def finishing in data style

Stuart Fyvie stuart.fyvie
Thu May 13 21:35:36 BST 2004

Actually it makes a lot of sense.  We have graded several projects on 
the iQ in standard def. (as well as Data)
  Tech graded D-betas are provided from telecine and conformed in the 
suite.  A complete finish of the project
is handled all in one room  and clients love that.
The render time blazes through, motion tracking is superior and it has 
the ability to draw custom shapes.
There isn't much grading wise that cannot be done with Q colour.
  It is just a different method grading with pen and tablet rather than 
a panel with lots of knobs on.
  I still love using Pandora and getting behind a Spirit
  but I think that software/disc based solutions are the way it is going 
for  colour correction.

I don't work for Quantel,  just use the kit

Stuart Fyvie
Senior Colourist  Lipsync Post, London.

On 13 May 2004, at 19:25, Bob Festa wrote:

> thanks to Ken Holland for supporting the TIG.
> --
> All,
> I understand the concept of using a "Q color" or similar device for
> data, The guy in this article is proposing to do the same thing with
> digital beta cam standard def. Am I the only one that finds this
> humorous?

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